AMD Smart Access Memory on vs off

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AMD Smart Access Memory on vs off

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How good is AMD SAM and how to enable it. I also perform some popular benchmarks to measure its benefits.

My PC’s components:

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G:

Sapphire Pulse AMD RX 6600 XT GPU:

Asus B550 Prime Plus Motherboard: NZXT

H510 Flow case: XPG

Gammix D-10 32 GB Ram:

Timetec 2TB NVMe SSD:

Corsair TX650M PSU:

Seagate 4TB 3.5″ HDD:

Samsung Evo 1TB SSD:

Kingdian S280 1TB SSD:

USB-A to USB-C Header converter:

USB Expansion card:

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