HP EliteDisplay E243i 24 inch monitor review (1FH49A8)

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HP EliteDisplay E243i 24 inch monitor review (1FH49A8)

HP EliteDisplay E243i 24″ monitor can be flipped in portrait mode and is fully adjustable.

I also do an HP Display Center demonstration with screen partitioning, a very interesting feature that let you divide your screen into partitions (display areas) so to snap open windows to them. This greatly facilitates multi-tasking.

The display pf this monitor is crisp with vivid colors and fine details. It is especially useful to display small tect in great detail.

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Chapters: HP 24″ EliteDisplay E243 monitor review

  • 00:00 Intro 00:15 Unboxing and specifications
  • 01:00 Inputs
  • 01:18 Putting the monitor in the stand
  • 02:08 Cable management
  • 02:18 Downloading and installing the driver and HP Display Center
  • 03:52 Resolution and refresh rate
  • 04:39 HP Display Center demo
  • 05:22 Interesting feature: Desktop partition
  • 06:26 On Screen menu demo
  • 06:49 Adjust for gaming
  • 07:58 Thanks


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