Windows 10 Storage Spaces configuration from A to Z

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Windows 10 Storage Spaces configuration from A to Z

Everything you need to know on how to configure Storage Spaces in Windows 10 so to create a resilient and fault tolerant drive to put your important data on.

I explain resiliency types: Parity, Two-way mirror, Three-way mirror and Simple

I also touch on REFS (Resilient File System) and show you how to replace a failed drive without loosing any data.

How to fully backup and restore Windows 10:

Chapters: How to configure Storage Spaces in Windows 10:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:10 Animated explanation of Storage Spaces
  • 01:12 Step 1: Add drives & create storage pool
  • 03:27 Step 2: Create Storage Space and move files to it
  • 04:17 Resiliency types explained
  • 06:22 How to move files to the storage space
  • 07:47 Demonstrating a drive crash
  • 09:40 Demonstrating how to replace a crashed drive
  • 12:38 Thanks

Disclaimer: Use the instructions in this video at your own risk. We are not responsible for any data loss or other damages that may occur. A backup is always a good idea even if you have Storage Spaces configured


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